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Second Show

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Having read literally every comment left on the first post, I want to point out one left by Peter A. Cancilla. If you’re interested here are the answers to the questions he poses:

Are you burnt-out and disillusioned?
Burnt-out, no. Disillusioned, yes. Or maybe a better term is disappointed. I firmly stand by my belief that the needs of a large corporation can indeed be balanced with the creative needs of an anomalous franchise like the Muppets. In my opinion, this relationship should be the very definition of symbiosis, and though these two factors have often appeared to be seemingly irreconcilable, the integration of Jim Henson’s essentials with doing business progressively and effectively has been my primary goal for the Muppets over the last dozen years within Disney.


At this point what is your desire?
Do you feel taking an indefinite break from a ‘Muppets’ you possibly no longer recognize may be the only option for your peace of mind?
Or, if given the chance would you jump back into the work and continue pushing for the tone and personality you know to be appropriate for these sacred characters even if you cannot win every battle?

You’re correct that the Muppets are fast becoming something I no longer recognize, but my desire stays the same: to continue doing what I think is best for the Muppets to whatever extent and on whatever level I am asked. If that means doing nothing more than performing Kermit and the other characters in which I am established and forsaking the offering of unsolicited input, then so be it.

For the record, I officially offered to do exactly that within that first telephone call, a second time by communicating it through my attorney, and I committed to memorializing it in writing. It was flatly refused. Do with that what you will…

…More tomorrow.  Best to you all!

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  1. There is so much I could do with that info, but it just further confirms my initial suspicions about this whole debacle.

    G’night Steve. Can’t wait to hear more about this.

    1. You are Kermit! This is nonsense. Everyone wants to let bygones but, can’t we help in a very positive way to get you back?

  2. From this, I would take it that they (Disney) didn’t trust that you would conform and not offer input, and didn’t wish to chance it. Continuing from my comments to your last post, they finally realised that sweet and unassuming Bean Bunny had a mind of his own and the bravery to speak it and got spooked.

    Disney has made many blunders in their time, but what they are doing with The Muppets may be the largest blunder of them all.

    Goodnight, Steve, and God bless. <3

      1. Geez, might I remind you that at least they had projects that happen. Henson has project that are announces and take forever that happened or not. That being said, whoever is in charge of Muppet Studios should be sacked.

  3. Steve, I’m curious to know if perhaps you have considered returning to SESAME STREET because of this? Also, can you clarify whether the rumors (for lack of a better word) are true that your stepping away from Sesame was because you could not justify the time and hassle of commuting to New York for just one character (in this case, Ernie)?

    Either way, as I said in my previous comment, I really hope that despite what has transpired recently that we still have not seen or heard the last of you.

    1. Likewise Steve. My wife and I are wishing to raise our daughter on the Muppets you and Jim helped make. Anyone else would not even come close to being a comparison in our eyes.
      I for one hope that some wisdom comes back into this world, we need the Kermit we know and love in this world.

  4. I’m disappointed but not surprised. The sharp-pencil boys have refused the participation of George Lucas and reduced Stan Lee to a court jester/mascot.

    Your contributions will stand long after the “new, improved versions” are forgotten. Be proud of what you and your colleagues accomplished.

  5. So was there something specific they asked you to do with one of the characters that you refused to do?

  6. Thank you for the updates, Steve!

    I still believe that you’ll do amazing things in the future! Whether with The Muppets or not!

  7. Steve—I really hope you get to see this.

    I had the honor and privilege of meeting you during an internship at Sesame Street. I can safely say that the day I met you on on set was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. It was if the presence of Jim Henson was beside me, and the kindness in which you showed—even to AN INTERN—speaks to the kind of man you are. I’ll never forget speaking to you and how kind you were to me. One of the greatest moments of my professional career was standing on set, and just coming up to me and casually talking with me. You knew I was a fan, and the fact you created this blog in the aftermath of Disney’s lunacy is just further proof of how much you care about the heart and soul of what Jim’s vision represents…to be kind as it’s a great life. Your presence was the closest thing I could ever experience to meeting Jim Henson. I’ll never forget you introducing me to the likes of a fellow-Henson purist in Caroll Spinney, who attested to your kindness and greatness that day. I still keep that picture of me, you, and Ernie proudly framed in my office! (Along with the autograph you were so generous to sign for me).

    I know how much you care about the vision of The Muppets in which Jim intended. I hope you realize that you have absolutely no reason to feel disappointed in what you’ve done to uphold the duty to your hero. If anything, you were the last link to greatness in the organization, and Disney’s intentions with the characters are so far off the wagon that I almost hope they learn the hard way. The “Muppets Studio” has lost a lifelong fan in me, as well as others, with heir absurd and uneccessary actions. I am so proud of you for not letting you manipulating them. Their drastic action represents everything that’s wrong with what they’ve tried to do with the characters.

    I’m grateful that you stayed true to yourself and did not let them defeat you. Your performances got me through so much. You’ve been a hero of mine ever since you took on the task of keeping the spirit of Kermit and Ernie alive, and I just hope you know how important you are to anyone who considers themselves a true fan of this beautiful world that Jim created.

    You epitomize everything great about The Muppets with your greatness. My loyalty will always be with YOU only, and I’m forever grateful for the incredible work you’ve done. I’m sorry that Disney doesn’t see things the way in which they’re supposed to be seen, as you truly were the one of the last links to greatness within the Muppet organization. It’s their loss and I’ll forever be a fan of yours. I cannot wait to see what you do in the future, as it’s sure to trump anything that this misguided studio does with the characters in which you care so much about.

  8. Hi again Steve,
    I know this is completely off topic but I hope you’ll indulge me for a moment to share my favorite moment of you performing. It’s not a Kermit moment, nor a Rizzo moment, nor any other major character.
    It is from the episode of “The Jim Henson Hour” called “Secrets of the Muppets”. Toward the end of the episode they showed a montage of the making of the “Solid Foam” music video. Seeing you and Jerry and Kevin singing together and seeing you all perform together is such an electric moment. Also hearing you belt out the bridge…sheesh those pipes!!! Amazing performances Steve!
    (As a side note, is it possible that the character “Digit” was somehow loosely based on Doc Emmet Brown from “Back to the Future”?!)

    If you, or anyone out there, cares to relive the magic moment I’m talking about I found it on youtube:

    1. Isn’t it crazy how much fans love that Secrets of the Muppets episode? I just re-watched it. I guess Disney has never liked letting us behind the scenes in that way because it makes it harder to do things like recast characters.

      1. I think that makes it all even MORE spectacular. The fact that Jim felt he could show how they did a lot of it and have people still be just as enchanted speaks to their level of skill and dedication to it. We’ve also heard multiple times that speaking to a Muppet performer who had their character on meant that there were 3 entities in the conversation.

        For me, it made things even more amazing.

    2. That’s a really great clip. Thanks for sharing. Like the rest of your fans Steve, I’m sorry to see you go. You carried on Jim’s legacy in the most eloquent way. Best wishes for the future.

    3. What a great clip. Thanks for sharing. Dear Steve, like the rest of your fans I’m sorry to see you go. I think you carried on Jim’s legacy in the most eloquent way. Best wishes for the future.

  9. Steve,
    Thank you for continuing to fill us in on your thoughts and the real story behind this horrible loss for the Muppets as well as the fans. I trust Matt would do a wonderful job with Kermit as he’s an amazing performer but the motivations behind this transition is just disgusting to me.
    I’m really at the point where I no longer want to support Disney and the fact their corporate nonsense is just overshadowing the essence of what made the Muppets so appealing to us and what Jims vision was for them is just heartbreaking.
    I hope we still get to see you involved in some capacity with the Muppets again but if not I hope whatever your next step is whether it’s performing elsewhere or doing something else. I hope you are hanging in there during this crazy aftermath and BTW I love the Rocky Horror references in your blog titles 😉

  10. Steve you will always be Kermit for my son.

    Probably my daughter I’m carrying as well.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the song that had me in tears. Means more now. We haven’t forgotten you we will always remember.

    The true fans will always be with you.

    Whatever your adventure is next I can’t wait to see it.

  11. Hi again, Steve!

    Thank you for giving us updates on this. I kind of found myself thinking this whole debacle is over creative differences. For some reason, the song “Pictures In My Head” from the 2011 Muppets movie keeps coming to mind as I read your blog. Do you feel that way yourself?

    Live long and paws-purr,
    Erin T. Aardvark

    (sorry for the cat references, I’m just a crazy cat lady)

  12. Steve, I have to ask, what are your honest thoughts on the ABC show? I personally thought it had a rough start, but improved significantly by the end of its run. I also got the sense that everyone was having a ball working on it.

  13. Steve,
    Your passion is evident. Dont ever feel ashamed for fighting for what you believe in. And dont feel like youve let others down.

    You tried to fight on behalf of the characters, the franchise, the legacy, and the fans who also share your passion in keeping The Muppets true to their roots… and like all great warriors, you went down fighting.. fighting to the end for what you believe in.

    We are all proud of you.

    No one knows The (true) Muppets like you do…

    “Lifes like a movie.. write your own ending.. keep believing.. ” has become my lifes motto

    This is not the ending I wrote.. therefore it is not the end.

    You have our backing and support to continue the push.

    If disney dont want Muppets that are true Muppets then maybe they should hand over the batton to someone who does….

    Thanks for everything..


  14. Will we see you at the Museum of the Moving Image’s Henson exhibit and other Muppet related events?

  15. We love you Steve and stand by you!!! Thank you for fighting for our beloved Muppets! You are an amazing Kermit (and the BEST Fraggle on/in the rock!!!).

  16. Hey from Perth, Australia!

    I hope you’ll get to stay with the extended muppet family, through Henson’s and Sesame Street!

    1) everyone is saying ‘Disney’, but it’s my understanding that it’s the muppets management that released you. Do you think Disney might see a bigger issue with the management of the Muppets, and step in?

    2) Some of what you’re saying seems to echo a recent interview with Frank Oz. I’ve copied some parts below; which bits most resonate with you?

    Did you see the new “The Muppets” TV show on ABC?
    I did—the first 15 minutes.

    Why did you stop?
    I felt the show wasn’t true to the characters. There was a purity in each character that was vital. I felt that purity was being moved around to areas that didn’t feel right.

    It was cancelled quickly.
    My brothers, my sisters, were in there [as the puppeteers]. They did the very best they could. But essentially, they were working with scripts that other people wrote. They had to do it the way it was. If it was given more air and they trusted the performers, as we had air, it would have come alive more. Those abilities, to riff and be smart enough, weren’t appreciated.

    What did you think of “Muppets Most Wanted,” the last movie released by Disney?
    I think there were some very funny things individually. And the purity of certain characters stayed. I got to hand it to Disney—they tried. It’s very difficult. Disney and all these people are trying to do the right thing. It’s like you’re a fan of Formula One racing, you go to every race. But being a fan of it and driving it are different things. They are fans and they want to drive it as well; it’s not as easy as people think.

    It’s been 10 years since you worked with the Muppets. Would you ever go back?
    That depends. I was doing a couple days a few years ago at Sesame Street. I have not been asked, partly because I’m expensive. I worked a certain way; I work with the abandon that Jim taught me. I don’t know the young people at Sesame Street, so I don’t know what kind of fit I’d be. As far as working with the guys, I love working with them, but not all the time. I’m a director. I love directing. I miss my characters.


  17. Steve,

    I wanted to add a few words of support. I can’t say that we’ve ever actually “met,” but I was briefly an unpaid/uncredited production assistant/intern on the last season of a wonderful Michael Jacobs/Disney/Henson ABC television show, “Dinosaurs,” back in the early ’90s. I probably picked up and delivered your lunch from the commissary a time or two. The highlights of my internship were: #2, meeting Brian Henson, and #1, getting to watch you and Kevin Clash perform together. I was already familiar with your name, but I knew little about you other than you were the new Kermit. I quickly gained a lot of admiration and respect for you. You had me and the production crew in stitches between shots and takes. Gosh, I wished I had the skills, talent, and personality to do what you do. You and Kevin were hilarious individually, but as a team you played so well off each other. You had the crew laughing so hard, I think it’s fair to say that there wasn’t a dry eye around — or even a dry pair of pants. I have quietly followed Kevin’s and your careers as much as I could since my internship, and my admiration and respect for you has just continued to grow. That you can “Kermit” so flawlessly on live television and in other unscripted situations — with so much perfect Kermit humor — really shows how much Kermit is a part of you and vice versa.

    When I first read about your separation from the Muppets, the article implied that you were leaving them — your choice, your terms — that you were “stepping down.” Knowing how unlikely that would be, my first concern was about your health. I waited for more details, hoping that you were okay. So, I thank you for starting this outlet and for adding some clarity and perspective to what’s going on behind the headlines. I’m relieved to know that you are well, at least physically. As for the other part of the story — the politics or whatever it is — just know that your fans hurt with you.

    I, too, am concerned about this idea that you’ve failed in your duty. I appreciate your explanation, but from where I sit, you have always done what you thought best at the time. You have conducted yourself with complete integrity — to Kermit, yes, but also to yourself. They are one and the same. Your fans cannot — and do not — expect anything more than that; Kermit’s fans don’t either. That is not failure; it’s one of the greatest achievements anyone can make in life — to hold fast to your principles in the midst of everything else that comes at you. The problem isn’t you — it’s the game you’re in. You’re part of a game in which integrity is no longer appreciated. It often isn’t even acknowledged. I know you see that.

    Please don’t let yourself get caught in a trap of second-guessing whether you could-have/should-have fought this or that battle differently. That second-guessing questions your integrity. If you were to lose that, nothing else matters. Regaining Kermit without your integrity intact would be success in a flawed game. That would not be a true victory — for you, for Kermit, or for the fans.

    The only way to win this is for those who make the rules to change the rules — to see the value in integrity. Whether that’s achievable, I don’t know, but I’m glad to see you fighting that fight. Don’t give up, Steve — but more importantly, don’t give in.

    Rycharn Freeman
    Kaysville, Utah

  18. Hi Steve,

    I’ve been a huge fan of yours pretty much for as long as I’ve known The Muppets are puppets (which at this point is about ten years–I’m 18). Something I’ve been wondering about ever since I learned the news is what do you plan to do now that Disney has booted you. Have you considered maybe doing what Kevin Clash did, and trying to continue your puppeteering career (and your passion of continuing Jim’s legacy) by becoming a puppeteer for some of the live shows and projects the Henson Company has been working on?

    Also, I feel a lot of people pay attention to the fact that you were the replacement for Kermit–which you excelled at pretty darn well–but I’d like to also thank you for the original creations you gave us. Thank you for Rizzo. Thank you for Bean. Thank you for Wembley. Thank you for so many sweet, lovable characters.

    With love and fondness,
    C.W. Roederer

  19. Hello Again Steve,
    I just wanted to say a few more things, thank you for fighting for the Muppets. You Inspire all of us. This week I was watching you in Fraggle Rock as Wembley, and when ever I see him on screen it makes me so happy. I hope that I will meet you in person some day. Please continue to write and hope to see you back in action soon.
    To My Hero Steve Whitmire
    Xavier Lassandro 🙂

  20. If enough people stand up for you, it will create momentum for our voice to be heard. Kermit isn’t just a frog. As Mickey isn’t just a mouse.

  21. Did any of you fellow colleagues fight for you? Are they fighting this? How’s Dave?

  22. I have always considered Jim Henson an inspiration and you a gift to continue his legacy but as of now you have become my second inspiration in life and not because of your association to The Muppets. You have officially confirmed why Jim Henson chose you for Kermit, it’s not all about the performance and you have just proven that.

    The job of performing Kermit the Frog might be open to everyone but only one person in history will ever be able to say they were recommended by Jim Henson himself to take on the role and that person is Steve Whitmire.

    “Life’s like a movie, write your own ending, keep believing, keep pretending…”

    I wish you all the best, I will always be a fan of yours no matter what you do in life.

    Take care,

  23. Hi Steve,

    I just want to add my voice to those calling for your swift return to The Muppets. I, of course, don’t know all the details or if there is any way Disney can see what you mean not just to the legacy of the characters, but to the fan community at large. Thank you for keeping Kermit alive.

    On a personal note, I briefly met you at the Jerry Nelson tribute at the Museum of the Moving Image several years back. I want to thank you for being so kind and generous with your time.

  24. Steve,

    Thank you for giving Kermit the best time ever. And please don’t feel bad for what happened. It wasn’t your fault. Hopefully there will be another venue for you to do your craft.

    I will be doing a small music tribute to you in honor of your awesome work on my Internet Podcast Show.

    Adventure is out there.

  25. With The Muppets not being an option in the foreseeable future, would you consider possibly returning to Sesame Workshop and assisting with Jim’s characters there?

    I’m glad they those characters and that aspect of Jim’s legacy is still kept intact and pure. It would be great to see you as Ernie again if it’s ever a possibility.

    But with or without Kermit, I’m glad to see you’re still fighting for Jim’s values and legacy. I think he would have still be proud of what you’re trying to accomplish even if you can’t carry on being Kermit, you’re still carrying on being Steve and I think Jim would have found that immensely more so important. Thanks a lot. 🙂

    -Jonas N

  26. Dear mr. Whitmire

    I just stumbled upon this blog after hearing the news and I am overwhelmed with sadness and anger. But at the same time I want to reach out and tell you that I’m a huge fan of your work and the Muppets were a big part of my childhood.
    I was born after Jim Henson sadly passed away, so I grew up with you being Kermits performer. The passion you put into performing the character means a lot to me.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication and again I am so so sorry. Thank you for keeping all of us updated about the whole situation.

    – Johanne

  27. Steve,
    I have mostly been commenting on the Muppets and Hensonology pages on Facebook but it is time I “talked” to you directly. First the Intro: The Muppets have had a deep, personal connection, to me since I was a two year old suffering from childhood cancer in the mid 1970’s. The Muppets and Sesame street were my world, literally, and my support line. I loved Jim and his characters as much as life itself and the fact that my mother was once an underclassman at Maury school and high school with Jim’s friend Willard Scott (whom I will always love) compounded my love for Muppets several times over until well into my teens when my dreams of working with Jim were shattered to pieces. It has been devastating and heartbreaking to see what Disney has done to the Muppets franchise and now Kermit… to distort and ruin Kermit my little green friend who gave me “pretend” support for so long along with Rolf and Dr. Teeth and the gang I sang along with and felt a part of for so long. I am crying right now thinking about it, but I know Jim would not want me to. He would probably say something like “remember I wanted the big brass band at my funeral? everything is going to be ok stay positive” As long as there are people who love and remember his work something good must come of it, at least that’s what i have to believe. The universe “strings” must be working somehow cause I coincidentally met a man at work who came in a lot buying kids accessories who claimed he worked with the Muppets (name escapes me), what are the odds of that?
    And I see little reminders of Jim’s work often, everywhere I go. I am disgusted with Disney personally, esp since Mickey Mouse was the other half of my world in the 70’s and in this day probably not what “UncleWalt” wanted either. But I am not going to sink into apathy, it wouldn’t solve anything.

    Anyway, enough of my babbling: Steve, you did not fail him. You did what you could for as long as you could and maybe some way some day it can all be pulled back together and righted. I don’t know, only Source does. and that Source is (arguably, call it what you will) where everything comes from. You are NOT the last Samurai there are others like me out here. So when it is time all the sleeping Samurais will wake up and make awesome things again. You made the world a better place along with Jim. Some spiritual stuff i was taught recently: Keep being light, it pushes darkness away. I think that is what Jim would want us to do: stay positive.

  28. Steve, when you send the new posts emails, could you please include a link to go to, to make it easier. Thanks.

  29. I am so, so very saddened by this news. I know many long time fans have struggled with some of the changes that have been made over the years and some who have been disappointed in the tone and/or lack of proper Muppety goodness of late. I still hold firm to my memories of days gone by, the “old school” projects and characters and skits and all the madness.. At one point in my earlier years I even applied for a job at the archives.. didn’t get it.. lol.. didn’t have nearly the qualifications as a young kid right out of college with my education in library sciences but no related job experience, but, hey, it was a dream and i had to try… 🙂
    Like many, I was devastated when Jim passed, and a little scared about what that would mean for our beloved Muppets then… Sadly, we have seen the departure of so many of the “originals” and now with your departure, we’re back to a shakey, unknown future. I really, really hope that Disney can finally figure out how to use the Muppets properly, bring them back to their glory in tone, in character, bring back their integrity as you mentioned.. but the more years go by, the less it seems they are interested in the values the Muppets represent. And that saddens me as well.
    I really do wish you the best in whatever you do in the future and hope that, in the long run, this all plays out well, even if it’s hard right now. And if you’re ever in Alaska, we’d love to have you stop by.. lol.. 🙂

  30. Steve truly was the last Muppet, and now it’s time for The Muppets, to end.
    What I mean is, look back on how many times The Muppets brought happyness and joy to the world. And now after the cancelling from the show on ABC, you can see that all things need an ending, even good things. And now they are just doing it the “Disney” way. So The Muppets are still existing, but not in the way it was. By the way, Steve how is your contact with the rest of the Muppeteers?

  31. So, this got me thinking perhaps a ridiculous thought that I now have to ask… is the reason we don’t have Muppet Show DVD s because The Muppet Show doesn’t fit Disney’s vision of the Muppets?

  32. I haven’t read through all the comments but I am wondering what those two previously unstated issues that Disney claimed were the reasons for the recasting. Can you tell us what they are?

  33. Hi Steve Whitmire. My name is Joey Rice. I was a freshman in college when I went to your lecture and workshop at The Center for Puppetry Arts. Kermit in general has always been my favorite Muppet. And both you and Jim Henson have been two two of my heros ever since I can remember. I absolutely loved getting to listen to you and be taught by you during the workshop. I felt like I was Trekki at a Star Trek convention. Disney was crazy to replace you. Thank you so much for being a part of my 27 years of life.

  34. Steve,

    I am honored you took the time to answer my letter. I wrote that as a way to try to make sense of this unsettling news in my own head. I never expected it to actually reach you. I then posted it here on the 13th. Asking those questions over and over in my mind I couldn’t sleep that night and at 6:00 am on the 14th I posted this video as a form of catharsis:

    I would like reiterate that you have our full support, I can only begin to imagine how you feel. Thank you for so generously keeping us informed with where you are at.

    Peter A. Cancilla

      1. This is exactly how fans should support Steve Whitmire, how inspirational and Muppetational, well done Peter.

        From one fan to another,
        Nicholas Napoli

        1. Thank you Nicholas,

          I’m out of bed again working on a letter for Miles to address to Disney. Lets all take a page from Jim and be gentle of spirt yet tenacious in our conviction and see if we can’t help right this wrong.


  35. Steve, this is a rather random question/ suggestion, but do you know John Lassenter? If so, maybe you should tell him about your situation and he might be able to help (although, this might be beyond his control). I’m sure he’ll understand your problem as he was in similar situations before. Just thought I’d give you an idea.

    Anyway, Steve, thanks for everything and I hope for the best for you.

  36. Steve, this is a rather random question/ suggestion, but do you know John Lassenter? If so, maybe you should tell him about your situation and he might be able to help (although, this might be beyond his control). I’m sure he’ll understand your problem as he was in similar situations before. Just thought I’d give you an idea.

    Anyway, Steve, thanks for everything and I hope for the best for you.

    1. Please deleted second duplicate message. I wasn’t sure the message was showing up as I keep getting an interface error.

  37. Hi Steve,

    There’s a lot I could say about how I feel about Disney. But to avoid repeating what others have said and keep it short, I’ll express my opinion by doing one of Sprocket’s Ned Shimmelfinney impersonations.

    Now to the positive stuff…

    I’ve been a fan of yours (and the Muppets) my whole life. I was 6 when both Fraggle Rock & The Dark Crystal debuted on HBO and was drawn in by the pure magic of those worlds. Of course, I loved the Muppet Show and later, the Jim Henson Hour. Your characters were all captivating, whether it was Wembley Fraggle singing a catchy little tune, Bean Bunny driving everyone crazy with his saccharine cuteness or even the Skeksis scientist frying Podlings’ brains. Your performances are absolutely brilliant!

    Yes, it is extremely important that these characters be true to their history! They can do new things, but the essence of innocence, optimism and cooperation has to be at the core of it all. They need to be true to that to make them the Muppets. I’m proud of you for staying true to what the Muppets should be and to Jim Henson’s legacy. Who would know better about these characters’ integrity and soul than the Muppet performers?

    If it were me overseeing Muppet Studios at Disney, I wouldn’t dare disrespect any of you Muppet performers. In fact, I’d tell you guys up front: “Sure, I’m the boss, but YOU guys are these characters–I’m going to listen to what YOU have to say. It’s the only way we can get Muppet stuff to be just right.”

    Well, I’ve rambled on enough. I do hope to meet you someday and thank you for all of your performances, songs and most importantly, the characters. No matter what, I’ll always be a fan of yours and of the Muppets. If I never get to meet you in person, I send my thanks via this post.

    Oh yeah, one more thing–write a book about your life’s work! Muppet fans would love it!

  38. Dear Steve,

    I know it goes without saying, but within us you have a dedicated bunch of Fans, Friends, colleagues who are here for you and have been here for you ever since the seventies and will CONTINUE to be here for you… As equally you have been there for us in so many innumerable ways.

    The Very Best of Good Energies to you

    Richard x

  39. Mr. Whitmire;

    Have you ever had discussions with The Jim Henson Company about what it would take to buy the Muppets back from Disney. I understand Mr. Henson’s reasoning for wanting to sell in the first place – I was in the process of rereading the biography of Mr. Henson when your news first broke. It just seems that the Muppets’ relationship with Disney is not working out as ideally as Mr. Henson first imagined it. I know it would be expensive, but is this a road, yourself, perhaps some of the other puppeteers along with the Henson family and company would want to discuss and pursue. I just hope the creative integrity of the Muppets, and your own role within the company, can be restored in the nearest of futures.

    Best Regards,

    1. As a fan I too pondered the idea of buying back the Muppets from Disney. But with their wide scope of influence and financial power I had thought it a near impossibility. But anything is possible and we can sure try. Whatever happens we fans will all continue to support you, Steve, and all of Jim Henson’s Muppets.

  40. Honestly, hearing from you that you also feel there are changes happening with the Muppets that are essentially tone-deaf to why people love them in the first place, really makes me feel less crazy. Admittedly most of my information about the Disney takeover with the Muppets came from Brian Jay Jones’ amazing biography on Jim, but it’s never quite sat right with me. I was never positive if that was me being too critical, or if there indeed is a sense that there’s mishandling going on. Obviously current events scream the mishandling option…

  41. How did you feel about the sketch they put on the Colbert show about replacing you and then putting such voices like Trump though Kermit. I found it insulting.

    I love you Steve, you keep being you, the world needs that.

  42. Steve,

    I hope this works out well for you. If I had any say, I would immediately reverse their decision. Your passion and heart has always been on display. The Fraggle Rock fan letter you replied to when I was a child and then recalled at Muppet Fest, on a personal level to me, showed the depth your work is anchored in. Dave was the same way and so was John and Brian Henson. I was lucky enough to meet Jane Henson as well and even in her retirement she was concerned how Kermit looked and behaved. Thank you for everything and I wish you the best life forward no matter the outcome. Keeping my fingers crossed. In no way am I disappointed in you. You lived up to the challenge and helped keep the Muppets kicking well into the 21st century. I also hope you have an outlet to work through these emotions and frustrations. Keep us in the loop and in touch.

  43. Disney’s flat out refusal of your offer only tells me that they don’t understand the Muppets at all. You are not merely and hand and a voice, but a personality. I don’t know that could accept another Kermit.

  44. Steve,
    I am so sorry that all of this has happened to you. Please believe me when I say that you have not let anyone down and especially not Jim. I’m sure he would be more than proud of you for standing up for what you believe in and staying true to the vision of his beloved muppets. please know that you have many supporters behind you who will continue to believe in you, whichever road you take in the future. You are a hero to many, including me. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
    Growing up I always wanted to be a muppet performer and it wasn’t just to work with the muppets, it was to work with the amazing team that Jim henson had made. To be part of a group of people who cared so passionately about something and worked so hard to create something so wonderful and joyous, it really inspired me. I am lucky enough in my life now that I do work in a fantastic team who are incredibly passionate about what we do, even if I never became a muppet performer. There will always be people who will continue to fight for what Jim’s muppets and his team were about. his legacy will live on.

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