Let’s Talk#1

Let’s talk about my “private jet”…I’m so proud of it! It’s a Boeing 767-300, it says “Delta” on the side of it, and I share it with 260 of my closest friends…gimme a break. I’m a puppeteer, not a rock star. I’ve never even stood next to a private jet, much less flown on one.

Let me tell you about my lavish lifestyle. I make my own meals, clean my own house, mow my own grass, and do my own laundry. I’m not some rich Hollywood celebrity who lives a life of luxury. I’ve spent forty years working all the time either for the Muppets or to maintain my personal life. I rarely take vacations. I don’t go out for extravagant dinners with friends. I drive a 1999 Ford truck and a 2009 Smart Car…life in the fast lane…not so much in the Smart Car…

My life is very simple and small.

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  1. Steve, please let us know how else we can help support you through this. I know that it can be discouraging as time goes on but please know that there are people who are still pulling for you.

    Durham, NC

    1. Hi, please consider emailing or contacting, someday.
      Used to talk about puppetry work. Would like to again someday. Understand that you are occupied right now. But would like to reconnect now and exchange contact information before, y’know, technology stuff happens again. 🙂 Having trouble figuring this social media stuff and such. 🙂 Above is one of your prior addresses.
      You can email at account youarewatchingthis1000 atsign gmail dot com. From there, we’ll have to… ferret things out. If that doesn’t work, can try something else.
      Thank you.
      Good luck and take care.

      1. That’s a handle from the past! It would be fun to get the Prodigy group back together.

  2. Steve I’m begging you, please keep going. This is turning out to be a fun day. The sarcasm is beautiful!

    1. I live an hour away from Atlanta, I’ll now it just so I could meet you!!😁I have a twin brother that would help!

        1. I am his brother and I would mow it just to meet you. I mow my older brother that lives in atlanta.

    2. I am Jeremy’s twin I would mow it just to meet you. I mow my older brother that lives in atlanta

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Steve. I’ve been a muppet fan for as long as I can remember, and I am 45 years old. I make less than $40,000 a year. It’s heartwarming to know you live a simpke life.

    That being said, it’s really no one’s business if you demand bigger or better from millionaire companies. Your work is known all over the world. You deserve the highest price you can negotiate for your work. You deserve it!

    I’m rather turned off by your former employers sharing any information about your contract negotiations. If you wanted to share the two reasons, you would have done so.

    There are a lot of fans that support you, and believe in your integrity. And many would continue to support you even if you did on occasion drive a hard bargain or demand exclusive treatment. Whether you did or you didn’t is unimportant.

    What is important is many fans would like to see you continue with the Muppets irregardless.

  4. It’s not easy mowing the green…

    So glad you addressed that Steve…..

    We love & support you!

  5. Steve,
    I’ll always treasure all of your performances, and I hope you get asked back to the Muppets soon. Thank you for the many inspiring and/or hilarious performances so far! Here’s to many more!

  6. Wait – you mean this isn’t Sleeve Richmire’s blog?!?!
    I’ve been duped!!!
    I’m outta here.
    ….dagblamed cheapskate!

    1. Lol Mike!

      If any puppeteer got into this bussness to become rich, then they where sadly mistaken. In Carrol Spinney’s autobiography he talked about how little he made when fisrt starting out on Sesame Street. It wasn’t that Jim was to cheap to pay him, it was just that it was not that high of a paying job.
      There was also an article that came out when Muppets Most Wanted was in production, and it was claiming that the Muppet preformers where demanding there own personal trailors and special treatment. Basically just being Muppet brats. If I can I will find that article and share it.

  7. Sarcasm is my second language (some days my first). I love it.
    I also love that the years of fame have never gone to your head. That in spite of the celebrity you have remained humble and grounded. And that your loyalty and passion for those you care about know no bounds. Just like someone else we all know. Proof you belong together.

  8. I said this in a long post earlier and I’ll say it again here, short and sweet:

    You were really encouraging with me when I took your “The Sentient Puppet” class years ago, even though I’m not a pro puppeteer. It was a “right place, right time” moment for me and I’d like to return the favor sometime.

    Our door is aways open for anyone to come to dinner, including you and your family.

    Our family lives in East Point, just south of downtown ATL. So we’re close by.

    We’re not worried about politics. Don’t have to discuss any.

    We’re not concerned about getting “selfies with Steve” or anything like that.

    You have a lot going on and if it helps in any way to be able to step away from stuff, the door’s open.

    Oh, and if it matters at all, I’m a classically trained chef who likes simple, straightforward food. So dinner’ll be decent.

    Best wishes as you navigate this, Steve.

  9. Steve, I’m a big fan of your work and I stand by you 100%
    I would love to meet you but I would never mow your grass for free. I would bring you a cold drink and fan you.

  10. I seem to remember a great man once saying, “Simple is good.” 🙂

    Steve, I’m sorry that you’re being tormented by trolls. Unfortunately, the Internet is infested with them. We spray for them every year, but they keep coming back. 😉

    Please don’t let them get you down, and PLEASE don’t let them distract you from doing what you need to do. Most of us are on your side; you don’t have to prove yourself to us.

    For whatever it’s worth, I just want to say that I’m really grateful to have this opportunity to share my thoughts with you. I’m sorry that it happened under such terrible circumstances, but there are so many things that I’ve wished I could say to you over the years, and I’m glad to have finally had the chance.

    Please know that you have a friend in South Dakota if you ever have need of one.

    1. Since you already have enough offers to mow your lawn for free, then i’ll weed your garden for trolls for free.

      The only thing though is i can’t afford travel to GA, so you’ll need to send your jet for me.

      1. Haha, you’ll have to share it with 260 of your closest friends.

        Say, d.w., will you please e-mail the contact information for the Disney execs to “frogquixote@yahoo.com” ?

        I asked in another comment, but that one doesn’t seem to be showing up–at least, not on my end.

        Thank you!

  11. Love you Steve Whitmire and Love you Mike Quinn!

    Love the positivity against the odds and the talent and humour and integrity and generosity of spirit and for being the absolute best Puppeteers 🙂

    And you write so well Steve – you are so articulate and readable – a book would fly off the shelves 🙂

    ps please can I have the info for the right blog page for *Sleeve Richmire* 😉

    Love Pat xx

    1. I see a book called “The Frog and The Mouse That Roared.” Or “Frog and Mouse and The House of Muppet,” though since “Muppet” is trademarked… Perhaps “Frog and Mouse and the House That Puppets Built.”

  12. Steve,
    I have been dreaming about your plight all night, and never once did I see you as rich, but as a man of his convictions. You were surrounded by many friends who like yourself are similar in their passion for their puppet family of characters.

    I awakened worried about those who paint you differently. It nearly sickened me to see such outward hate for the man who held Kermit with such love, and even pictured Jim Henson and Walt Disney in Heaven’s Dimensions making effort to find a way to help you solve this dilemma. However, they did it with a puppet show – not exactly your style- for they had marionettes. A Micky Mouse and Kermit. They spoke together. I wish I could have heard their conversation, the puppets I mean.

    Keep the Faith, I believe you have some Angels on your side.

    Blessing to you and all your charges… Anne Terri

  13. The way I see it is that your problem is strikingly lot the problem Kermit is facing. Continuous underappreciation and to always keep on going with the show without loosing modesty, makes the people in management lines unwilling and unable to value your performance. The way they see it is that you are just another number on the payroll. As if!
    Kermit has obvious issues with saying no and to stand up for himself. This is obvious in the relation he has with Miss Piggy. But also with all the investors in the Muppet Show.
    As soon as he starts demarcating his borders, management has the ability to cut him out. Because you’ve always been mr. Nice Guy. Wháát? Replace THE Kermit?
    Kermit is just too sweet. How can you show teeth if you do not have any? Fight back with all the means you have! Start your journal! Muppet Leaks! You ARE Kermit. You are the Muppets. Everybody loves you. This should enable you. You are not the only one. Elmo is on your side already.
    You can do it.

  14. Well, I’m a lurker no longer. Been following this blog silently since the beginning… so many emotional twists and turns… Sometimes it’s uplifting, sometimes harrowing. Sometimes I have to read a post through real carefully and chew over it until I know what to think. This is the first post that actually gave me a laugh. (It felt good to laugh again for a bit…) I suspect because this is all *so obvious* that it shouldn’t even have needed to be said – I mean DUH, people! Clearly some have not been paying attention.

    Well put, sir.

  15. Steve, if you ever wish to borrow my giant Troll Hammer, please let me know. It makes such a lovely, soothing sound when it hits them on the head. WHAM! I also have a lovely giant Troll Anviil that can be installed on almost any computer. Just push a button and CLANG! SQUISH!

    My gosh, I have been watching *far* too many old Looney Toons.

    Live long and paws-purr,
    Erin T. Aardvark

  16. Dear Steve:

    This is comedy ventriloquist Mark Merchant.
    You made Jo Jo for me.
    The Gorilla.

    Sorry Disney mistreated you. They are known scum.
    Be well and call sometime. 770-595-9202

  17. Really, Steve? So you’ve never even asked to be on a private jet? Have you ever asked to be privately flown and insist on travel arrangements made and comped in a way no other performer did? It’s easy for you to scoff at such a claim if you’ve never received your requests– that sounds like what a sociopath would do.

    1. LOL! It also sounds like what someone would say if they were telling the truth 😉

      But since you are neither a trained psychiatrist nor Steve’s Doctor, I think it best for you to play nice before you start hurling unfounded accusations bordering on defamation of character.

      Seriously, it’s not cool and you may find comments like that could get you into trouble. Now run along….

      1. How could I possibly get into any trouble by questioning rumors? I knew about his firing in January. I don’t think Steve knows how much the fans are privy to.

        1. “Get into trouble” = lawsuit for talking / lie publicly about something, without having direct knowlege or consent from parts eventually envolved, specially if it’s only a rumour – defamation.

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