Hi Everyone,

I have much to cover and plenty to say, and I’d love to get to your questions and new Muppet concerns, but at present I am swamped with a variety of things I must tend to, some work, some personal. Please forgive my absence from the blog for a little bit, and I will get back to you ASAP…Talk amongst yourselves…oh, right, you’re already doing that…


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    1. Hi, would be great to write again. You can find me on http://www.Fa cebo ok dot com slash familyfriendfun . If you would rather email, your brother is on my friend network, so he could get my other email address.
      If you do email, please use an address other than Newpost@… box , as my spam filters will misdirect it elsewhere. Thanks.

      Sent this letter to you earlier. Cheers.
      Dear Steve, Saturday, July 15, 2017

      Hello! We used to talk about art and puppetry work. I would like to again, as your time permits. This is G i n a, a puppetry student from some years ago.

      Thank you again for your advice and sharing over the years. It made a great impact in my later work. It was also fun to interview you for those publications, or just chat about travel, kitties, family life, pianos, whatnot.
      How have you been? I am doing alright, co-founded a rock band, and doing puppetry, stop motion music videos, comics, the like. Anyway, saw you mentioned in the national news this week. I hope you and your family take care.

      I can guess you are occupied right now. When you are interested, someday, I would like to reconnect. It would be interesting to hear what you’ve been up to. It’d also be great to talk about the future of puppetry. People, myself included, look up to your skills, professionalism, opinions and abilities. I learned and applied from your sense of voice-control, mannerisms, honest and friendly stage presence, humor, creativity, and genuineness; whether or not it’s Muppetry-branded or sans-Muppet. I remember you talked with me about how strongly you felt, in your journey furthering Jim’s legacy. Not only with his characters, but for puppetry in general.

      Perhaps you’ll consider doing something else, when you’re interested, someday. I hope so. In entertainment history, it seems we’re on a pinnacle turning point. There’s not enough community, art, optimism, education, and reality. Audiences need alternative ideas and entertainment.

      What do you think is next?

      I’ve made acquaintance over the years with many mixed-media artists, puppeteers, musicians, etc. It seems people should work together and do something. I do not know what that something is. But as you showed me, it’s all about the camaraderie behind the product. Business functionality, technology, and other limitations are relevant too. Though an art form needs people’s integrity and teamwork.

      Do you have opinions about this?
      So as we used to say: Have fun! -And- Take care!
      Best regards,
      G i n a

  1. I am! IRMA was kind to us overall, but lots of trees down and no power for multiple days…tons of clean up. Things are good, and there’s much ground to cover. I’ll be with you all as soon as I can.

    1. Aww, I’m sorry to hear that! That must of been quite a storm then!

      Can’t wait to hear back from you, Steve!!

    2. Hi Steve,

      Even though I know nothing about hurricane damages, I’ve heard stories about what can happen (my father is from Alabama, and woke up once upon a time with a tree in his bedroom during Hurricane Camille!) I kind of had a feeling it your absence had to do with lack of power. Glad to hear everything is okay, though.

      Live Long and Paws-Purr,
      Erin T. Aardvark

      PS: More cuddles to Streek from me and Snowball!

    3. I can sympathize. Got hit by Irma too. Big tree down all over my yard im slowly getting cleaned up. Glad you’re ok.

    4. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Steve ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

      I’m so very thankful you are alright after the Hurricane who took so much from so many paid you a visit.

      I just spent all day getting an old PC to work so I could respond to you. My laptop keyboard died. I cannot even imagine being without power for so long, especially just after you had all the plumbing to handle.

      Is your head swimming? The minor post this morning was a copy paste, of several words put together, from my little mouse. If I had a rat named Rizzo, I’d have told him to eat my computer. The mouse allowed me to say something at least. Now to fix the laptop, as you have stuff to fix too.

      Love to you and your dear family
      Anne Terri

  2. Hi Steve!

    Thanks for the update! Take your time. And don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll launch into some type of in-depth discussion the ‘new Muppet concerns’ in the meantime.



  3. Thanks for checking in, Steve, and glad to hear you made it through the storm okay. I kind of suspected that anyway, but thank you for the confirmation. 🙂

    Um, it may not be a super-sensitive thing to do when you just got done saying how busy you are, but I wrote you a long letter. If you don’t have time to read it, basically what it says is that I hope that you find something good and useful in this bad situation.

  4. Steve if you need anything just let us know. I know we all have just met online, but I consider us a family of sorts.

    1. Yes, happy birthday to you Steve! (It’s already your birthday here in Australia.) Hope you have a great one. Keep your chin up (or should I say, head down & out of frame) and stay busy my friend. Thanks for all that you do.

  5. Very, very good and relieving to hear. You’re alright — and I think at the moment, nothing else matters more. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was an early present, both for us and for you. Your (and Jim’s) birthday is in less than two days after all…

    As always, you can come back to the blog when convenient. The ‘Pundit herd’ is here, and we’re here to stay!

    – All the best

  6. Glad your ok Steve. Hope all goes well with the after storm clear up, all the news reports from different locations look terrifying, bless you and all around you. Take care

  7. Good to hear all is well! I want to be a puppeteer when I’m older,any advice? (With the muppets if I’m lucky enough!)

    Keep doing what you do, Ben

    1. This is meant as no disrespect to Matt Vogel. My father joked about this long before the situation with Disney. I told him that Jim and Steve had the same birthday, and he said, “of course! It’s one of the requirements to be Kermit!” Then I found out that Matt has the birthday of October 6 (which is also my mom’s birthday), so I said (as a joke, and I hope no one things I was being serious), “well, that’s it. He can’t be Kermit now. He doesn’t have all the requirements. Nope. Sorry. Can’t do it.”

      Sorry, I have a strange sense of humor.

      Also, forgive me for referring to you in the third-person, Steve. I was responding directly to Marni on that one. I have something I’m planning to post on YouTube for your, and Jim’s birthday, tomorrow, and I’ll give everyone a link to it then.

      1. Of all the main Muppet performers. Matt’s birthday is the closest birthday to Jim and Steve’s birthday. Maybe that’s how Disney made their decision.

    2. Love your pick of “Time in a Bottle” for Jim – I feel like many people have mentioned that it seemed like Jim never had enough time… (and for Steve, that episode of Fraggle Rock always gets to me…)

      Also, while I’m commenting – I just wanted to say thank you for your thoughts and blog in general. I love that one of the more vocal, informed, and analytical fans here is someone that just got into the Muppets from the 2011 film – it certainly showcases and reaffirms the importance of the Muppets’ continuation (and specifically, Steve’s work as Kermit). So, from a slightly older fan that tends to lurk rather than comment, hey – thanks!

    1. Steve,

      I know I just posted a gift for you, but I wanted to say some words to you on your birthday.

      Back in 2011, I was just one of those people who only knew The Muppets because of Sesame Street and wasn’t interested with the characters at all. However, when I saw the teaser for the Muppets 2011 movie, I was fascinated by the idea of these characters doing a movie. So November came, and I went to the theater not knowing anything about The Muppets but wanting to know about these characters.

      It wasn’t until I saw Kermit come on screen and I saw your performance of the character, that I felt this strong connection to the character. I felt what Kermit was going through in the movie, with missing his friends and trying his best to get the show going. And when they all got back together, I started cheering for The Muppets and what they were going to do next.

      And when Muppets Most Wanted and The Muppets ABC were announced, I knew The Muppets were at the top of their game and back into the public’s eye. I kept following the projects, interviews, youtube videos, whatever content I could get of The Muppets..but that wouldn’t have been possible without seeing your performance of Kermit.

      You brought such a sweetness and emotional performance to Kermit, that I still love til this day. Whether it was watching Kermit giving a speech to The Muppets in the 2011 Movie, realizing his friends needed him in Muppets Most Wanted, or confessing his love to Miss Piggy at the end of The Muppets ABC, I always loved seeing what you brought to the character. You were able to make the character your own and continue the character development with Kermit, and I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to this wonderful character.

      I really hope you can go out into the world and show everyone what an incredibly talented person you are and bring to life more characters in the future!

      So, thank you Steve and have an amazing birthday~

      – Valerie

      1. Well said, Sunny!

        I swear we’re distance-twins or something, because that is almost identical to my journey as a Muppet fan.

        I’m with her, Steve, it was your performance of Kermit that dragged me that deep into Muppetdom, I wouldn’t be able to dig myself out even if I tried. From now on, whenever I go back and watch TM2011, MMW, TM2015 or any other Muppet thing prior to 2017, it was always be with bittersweet nostalgia. It will remind me of what was and what could’ve been.

        While I’m here, I wish to apologise for not communicating myself clearly on my ‘Moving Forward’ post a week or so ago. I went back and read it again and it came off like I was demanding you to move on. That was not my intention. While I do hope you have/will get closure, it shouldn’t be until your good and ready. You said you still have a lot more to say and I can’t wait to hear it.

        Enjoy the rest of your Birthday. You deserve a great one.

  8. Steve,

    It’s a relief to hear that you’re alright! Take your time in getting back to the blog, we’ll all be patiently awaiting you.
    On a side note, happy early birthday to you (and to Jim, of course)! I’ll have to draw you something special!

    Rocky D.

  9. Steve, I just thought of an interesting idea if you’re ever up for it. Have you ever considered recording some commentary tracks? You could make some for “The Dark Crystal” or “The Muppet Movie” and give us some behind the scenes insights, stories as well as pointing out what you love about these projects. Hell, you could even make some for non-henson related material such as “Rocky Horror Picture show” which you mentioned you were sort of a geek about. Anyways just an idea. Let me know your thoughts….

    1. That’s a great idea, Jonas!

      Steve, I don’t know if you’ve seen this done elsewhere, so forgive me if I’m telling you things you already know, but how it works is that you would record the audio-only commentary track and make it available as an MP3 or similar, and then it’s up to us as the end-users to sync it up to the movie ourselves. As long as what you record and distribute is just you talking about the movie and doesn’t incorporate content from the movie itself, they can’t ding you for copyright infringement.

  10. 5…4…3…2…1…


    Many happy returns of the day! Steve, make a wish – mine is that only good things happen to you from now on. Jim, may you continue to rest in peace. Starting today shall there be a bright green glow encircling the world every September the 24th.

    Thank You So Very Much for everything you were, everything you are, and everything you always will be!!
    Please keep the spark going!

  12. Mr. Whitmire, have you ever considered becoming a voice actor? I know performing for Muppets was much more than just voice acting, but your voice range has its merits.

    1. Yeah, i cringe each time a Muppet performer is referred to as “voice actor” since puppetry entails so much more…but at the same time there are individual projects where they are just exactly that such as audio recordings like records or say for example “Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures” which was claymation so Eric and Steve were truly voice actors on those.

      And yes, i agree this would be a nice alternate performance avenue worth exploring. Even projects that don’t require character voices like narration/commercial voiceovers.

  13. Happy birthday Steve!
    We were lucky at my house we didn’t get hit bad at all and we didn’t lose power. The power company had cut limbs around the power lines not to long ago so that probably helped. We just had some strong winds. Hope you have a good birthday!

  14. Happy birthday, Steve! Next year will be your Beddian birthday (that’s when your age matches the last 2 digits of the year you were born). Have a great day!

    1. Beddian birthday…hmm…and does that mean it should be celebrated by staying in bed? I’ll have to remember that! 🙂

  15. To one of my greatest heroes—Happy Birthday Steve!!!

    Wishing you nothing but the best in the year ahead. Nobody deserves it more than you.

  16. Steve, we appreciate the update and hope all is well with you and your family. Take all the time you need and we’ll be here when you get back.
    Individually, as a longtime Muppet fan, I am grateful simply for the chance to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY and know that you will actually see the greeting. I have wanted to send you a fan letter for a long time but often chickened out, on the premise that you might never actually see it.
    I turn 45 tomorrow and it already feels like I have been spoiled for much of my adult life by having The Muppets remain in the public eye. New films, TV series, viral videos and public appearances – after 2010, let alone after 2000 or 1990 – I can barely even compute it all sometimes.
    You play such a large part in it and I will be forever grateful to you for what you have done with characters you have originated and characters entrusted to you after Jim’s passing. I did not think I would ever be lucky enough to have Kermit sing to me on a movie or TV screen again, after the horrible spring of 1990. That this has happened not even once but multiple times is a true tribute to your talent, skill, dedication and heart.
    The events of the past year have obviously been hard on you, and on all Muppet fans, but they do not change the reality of how you have impacted our lives and hearts, and continue to do so.
    Thank you for everything, Steve. I look forward to hearing what comes next in your incredible journey. Happy birthday greetings from Atlantic Canada.

  17. Happy birthday, Steve! Hope you are doing OK and had a nice birthday weekend. Quick question for you: were you approached at all for the documentary Frank Oz put together called Muppet Guys Talking?? Saw a brief clip of it other day at MOMI when I went to hear Frank Oz speak. Best wishes to you always.

    1. I had wondered about this as well!

      Along with when/where the documentary will be available… did Frank happen to mention anything about their plans for distribution?

  18. Happy Birthday Steve ! 🎂
    Guess who shares a birthday with you and with Jim Henson ?
    I do ! I share 🐸 Kermit`s birthday ! 
    I find out about sharing Jim Henson`s birthday in a very bad moment of my life.
    In 1990, i was 16 years old, my father died on May 6 th, and ten days later (May 16 th) Jim Henson lef us also.
    By that time i learned that Jim Henson`s birthday was on the same day as mine.
    So i dont like number 6 ! Easy to understand why i guess. 
    I know you and am your fan for several years, but only learned that your birthday was on the same day as Jim Henson`s and mine this year, with the discussion of the Muppet question from last year (2016).
    Number 6 again giving me chills !
    The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson special was very important to me by that time and helped to deal with my father`s loss.
    🐸 Kermit (you) returning to join the other Muppets was a strong message that everything was going to be alright.
    Amazing how a Muppet show had the power to touch people`s hearts that way.
    But  September 24 th is a day to celebrate. 🎉 Your birthday & Jim`s birthday = 🐸 Kermit`s birthday. I agree with Marni`s blog post, there`s something special about this.
    Enjoy your birthday with your loved ones Steve !
    I wish you and your family all the very best in the world & may all your wishes come true. 
    Keep your faith, things take some time to happen. They happen in the right time. 😆

  19. Happy Birthday, Mr. Whitmire!

    I hope that with everything going on, you are still taking a day for yourself. I’m watching some of Jim’s and your work on your double day – and I know I’m not alone.

    I also know I’m not the only one that has been putting together their own Muppet retrospectives of late. I’ve always been a fan, and had seen nearly everything, including the films on the big screen – but I hadn’t gone back to revisit the classics in some time, and had never before binge-watched across shows and movies. I’m nowhere near through everything (although more than ready for seasons 4 and 5 of The Muppet Show!) and already feel a brand new appreciation for the scope of production. There is, to put it simply, so much and it’s so good.

    I find watching the Muppets is a bit like watching a really good magic trick. It’s easy to view the illusion and buy into its reality. And then if you take the time and effort to watch for how it’s done – rather than detracting from anything, it just shows off the skill of the performers. I’ve enjoyed keeping an eye out for your performances, Steve, (including your singing, whoa) as I go. Watching everything in a lump ironically highlights the breadth and depth of the work. I had forgotten about the Muppet Family Christmas special, but seeing it again… with so many of the Muppets together and with their original performers… and having Jim in the kitchen at the end – with Sprocket (“Well, they certainly seem to be having a good time out there, Sprocket.” “Woof woof.” “Yeah, I like it when they have a good time. But I tell you what: somebody’s got to do something about these dishes, Sprocket. Come on, I’ll wash and you dry, okay?”) seems… apt.

    I look forward to hearing about future plans, current thoughts, and past recollections (or however you mean to use this space).

    Best wishes for you and yours (including those feline and fleece),

    1. I totally agree about Muppet Family Christmas, especially Jim’s cameo at the end. Sweet and touching, and even bittersweet decades later. Steve’s work as the Turkey is among my favorites. There’s something just so fantastic and funny about his interplay with Dave/Gonzo. (“But you’re not even a bird!!” “Well, nobody’s perfect!” – absolutely classic!!).

      Seeing all of the Muppet franchises together in a single film gives me the warm fuzzies every time I watch it 🙂

      1. This is my special story about Muppet Family Christmas:

        I watched it when it was first shown on TV. I was seven years old. I knew Jim Henson’s name, I knew he created the Muppets, and I knew he performed Kermit and Ernie, but I didn’t know what he looked like. His cameo at the end of Muppet Family Christmas was the first time I’d ever seen him on TV, so the joke was lost on me and I was just confused.

        Then my mom said, “Awww, it’s Jim Henson!” and suddenly it all made sense.

        1. Oh, wow – I was young enough when I first saw Jim on TV (and I imagine it was probably just a promotional interview) that I don’t remember the moment of putting it together. But I know that sudden realization feeling, and this is such the perfect cameo to make that connection with!

      2. Haha, I always love Steve and Dave, or Steve “versus” Dave, but I had to rewind that bit where Gonzo and the turkey got into a schoolyard type fight over Camilla, it’s hilarious!

        And having the Muppet Show, Sesame Street, and Fraggle Rock Muppets all playing together, rather than an anniversary special where they are more focused on one-liners and setting up clips – not that I don’t like that – but seeing them simply be together, with Jim watching over and tidying up… Yes, sweet and bittersweet – that’s exactly it. 😊

        1. Try this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojtGHXsTXmU. It’s the one I always play when I’m on my computer. It’s the full special – all of the “official” DVD releases I’ve found are missing a couple of scenes b/c of music rights. Which is a shame b/c this special is written so well and in such a way that every scene is important, with each one building on the last (God bless Jerry Juhl!!).

          I managed to come across a really good “unofficial” copy, with the deleted scenes added back in – those are harder to find (especially good quality ones), but they’re out there if you’re interested! My copy might as well be the crown jewels lol.

          1. Thank you, this is the version I had already found when I searched for it. I will watch it when I have a quiet moment. Am looking forward to it.

  20. In my time zone it’s belated already, but I think still on time in yours?… Happy birthday to you Steve! Hope it’s been a great day.

  21. Happy birthday Steve hope your able to celebrate and have a great birthday, thinking of you and jim, two great talented and amazing performers.

  22. Happy Birthday Steve. Of course, I’m also thinking about Jim and his legacy. During your career with the Muppets, you did an amazing job, and no one can take that away from you. No matter what you do moving forward, remember that you have make millions of people happy, and you have helped many of those people be smarter people and better people as well.

    I’m sure its not easy being green, I mean, not easy going through what happened, but you seem to be doing okay. I hope your post implies you may be doing puppetry for someone besides Disney/Henson/Sesame, and not out something outside of puppetry completely. Don’t forget that for nearly 40 years, you were a part of one of the greatest franchises in entertainment history, and for 25 years, you played one of the greatest characters in entertainment history. That can never be taken away from you. Realistically, I don’t think you will ever work for the Muppets again, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue puppetry. Walt Disney created Disney because Universal Universal fired him, and look how that turned out! You may not create a multi-media empire, but your career isn’t over yet.

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEVE!! And Happy Birthday to Jim too!

    I’ll always support you! Btw, were Rizzo and Lips created specifically for you? Or did you volunteer to play them as background characters and they sort of stuck?

    1. Hi, Lucy. I noticed your question regarding Rizzo and Lips and was reminded of this interview in which Steve talks in-depth about his career up to that point (1999). He talks about Rizzo and Lips specifically on page 2. Maybe that will answer your question if Steve doesn’t have time to address it here. 🙂

        1. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Mary Arlene and Lucy♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ This site is Bookmarked on my Tool Bar, just in case I need to touch base with the history of Steve with the Muppets. There are Truths here, and I hang on to them.

          Love Anne Terri

  24. Well said, Sunny!

    I swear we’re distance-twins or something, because that is almost identical to my journey as a Muppet fan.

    I’m with her, Steve, it was your performance of Kermit that dragged me that deep into Muppetdom, I wouldn’t be able to dig myself out even if I tried. From now on, whenever I go back and watch TM2011, MMW, TM2015 or any other Muppet thing prior to 2017, it was always be with bittersweet nostalgia. It will remind me of what was and what could’ve been.

    While I’m here, I wish to apologise for not communicating myself clearly on my ‘Moving Forward’ post a week or so ago. I went back and read it again and it came off like I was demanding you to move on. That was not my intention. While I do hope you have/will get closure, it shouldn’t be until your good and ready. You said you still have a lot more to say and I can’t wait to hear it.

    Enjoy the rest of your Birthday. You deserve a great one.

  25. Steve,

    I have a Fraggle question for you.

    There was one Wembley puppet that had a mechanism that would make his eyes roll around. I’m sure that mechanism was built by the late great Faz Fazakas. What I want to know is how did you make that mechanism work?

    BTW, I hope you had a Great Birthday!

    1. I also have a Fraggle question, Steve: where did Sprocket’s Ned Shimmelfinney impression come from?

      Also, I would love to hear the answer to Jesse’s question as well.

  26. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Hello Everyone♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    So many have come forward over the past several days to wish Steve Whitmire and Jim Henson a Happy Birthday. This feels wonderful to witness. I appreciate being included in your good wishes and also the discussions of how many key dates in relation to the Muppets has affected your lives in the past.
    This is the best present we can give to Steve.

    Bless all of you
    Anne Terri

    1. I agree with you, Anne, and it’s also wonderful to see that, of the 80 comments so far, every single one of them is positive and respectful. It makes for a refreshing change, and I hope we can keep it going. 🙂

      Thinking about birthday presents reminded me of this little gem from ’80s Sesame Street that speaks to the occasion:


      1. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Mary Arlene♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

        What a nice song to end my session here this afternoon. I have not heard this before. Kermit looks great when he’s wearing costumes. Wonder if Steve would share how they assist him to play the banjo?

        1. Rachel and Anne, you’re very welcome. 🙂 I found that song on YouTube a few years ago, and had sort of vague, ticklish memories in the back of my mind of seeing it on Sesame Street when I was little. I don’t think they used it very often, though.

  27. A belated (on our time anyway) Happy Birthday Steve and Jim too. A time for wishes, there is no doubt Jim is watching over things, and who better to pull a few strings than the master puppeteer?

  28. heyo Steve,
    Listen about my last comment on the recasts. I hope you know I have nothing against any Muppet performers and comparing Team ____ to Team_______. Eren Ozker was a very great Muppet performer and did a great job as Janice but Richard Hunt gave her those qualities we all know today and that David performs so well. As for the recasts, well.. its a complicated situation to explain more but again I agree with you. I feel this exact way about The Brady Bunch television shows vs the films, the actors were just stale imitations of the original six kids. I’m not sure if you met Eren or Jim Henson or another performer told you about her but she was a really Muppet actor and played the Muppet Show’s wardrobe lady Hilda who disappeared after just one season. Bottom line, I have respect for each & every performer including you! Hope to hear back from you soon on if you agree with me on this or not, and happy late birthday to you & Jim.
    P.S. I think we should have a moment of silence for Jim (1936-1990) & Eren Ozker (1948-1993)

    1. Hello Dylan

      Steve, will be back -as he said- to answer some of our questions. I believe if you read the posts before this one which Steve has made, you will see how very close Steve was and is to Jim Henson, in Spirit. We mourn for Jim daily -but in a happy way- by sharing his work from time to time on these pages and of course Steve’s as well. I love that you have also included Eren Ozker. Look to the upper right on this site, for the links with these titles Housekeeping, Pest ConTroll, Doing What is Best for The Muppets, Part 2, Doing What is Best for The Muppets, Part 1.

      All my best to you
      Anne Terri

      1. Oh hey Anne, bye the way I did read all of those posts. I just felt it was appropriate to point out that although Steve makes an outstanding statement and theory on recasts and the muppet characters entrusted however in the past weeks I too have come to an observation that there are those rare exceptions where a recasting really changes their characteristics for the better and I was just pointing Janice as an example and either for the good or bad, when a Muppet is recast those little changes can turn into major changes which can change the course of both the Muppet’s future and the performers as well. This doesn’t mean I support the Kermit recasting 100% or Steves firing at all but I do think that theory I came to realize should be put out. I know Steve is busy right now and he can respond whenever he wants but in the meantime that’s just something I’d like to point out on recasts. And my friend Angelique Aquina and I at Wilson High School in Long Beach are very upset at Disney right now for firing Whitmire, she told her AP class about Kermit and about Jim & Steve. It’s not really the recast of Kermit we’re disappointed in it’s that they let Whitmire go all together the least they could do was just take away Kermit and still get to perform Rizzo bean and Waldo c graphic. Anyhow, yea I just wanted to point my thoughts on recast exceptions and hope that when Whitmire returns to Pundit hope that he’ll share his input with this. Thanks for taking the time to read this Anne, I hope angelique and I can meet each other in person someday. It was really nice talking to you and I hope you have a great day

        1. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Dylan♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Oh my, you are in high school. You write with such clarity. There are many of us who have discussed this in depth, and still at this time, I totally agree with all Steve has shared with us, about recasting. I do not feel this should have ever been an option when Jim Henson set this in motion long ago, to protect the integrity of the Muppets’ characters. Yes there are times, a recasting is needed due to illness, or retirement. I’ve said much on this as have others in these pages. Not certain Disney can separate Kermit from Rizzo and Steve’s other charges in their minds. This hurt many of us.

          I too have literally been trying to hold my feelings in control over what has happened. I hope that Steve will be ready to address more, as he’s making efforts to get to the bottom of this.

          Love Anne Terri

          1. Anne, that is so nice!!! Thank you so much! You too have a lot of clarity and I’m glad someone sees eye to eye with me on this. This is exactly what Angelique and I have talked about occasionally during these past months. Something deep down tells me Disney doesn’t have the nerve to keep Steve fired for long. He and Dave Goelz are the original glue that held the muppets core performers together! This isn’t the first time Disney screwed up. The Muppets belong to Disney but Jim Henson would totally call off the agreement if he saw what happened now if their gonna do that. And it’s not Debbie’s fault it’s not steves and it’s not brians. Disney just needs to learn to branch out. Steve only did what Jim thought was best and I never would consider that “repeated unacceptable business conduct”. A majority of my childhood was with Steve’s kermit and Rizzo was always a favorite of my dads. Steve was id say about 90% of the Disney Muppets core team but until further notice I think Matt Vogel will do good after all he kicked ass with Uncle Deadly. But I know deep down steves work with the muppets is far far from done. The alagations laid out are not true . No offense to Cheryl but kermit always had his true spirit no no let’s get back to the true spirit of DISNEY! This needs to be put out to hear. I’m not angry at Disney but I’m really disappointed in them and with the exception of Disney Parks Marvel Lucasfilms and The Muppets I think I’m done with Disney TV. I believe that steves firing was the final straw that broke the camels back. I know speech isn’t my best debating structure but I try my best with everything I can give for this and Anne Im glad you realize all these things I’m pointing out. Thank you so much again!!! I hope your doing excellent!!

          2. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Dylan♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

            Thank you. Know that now I do not say the ‘D’ word, just in case Steve can reestablish ties there, and I do not want to rock the boat, plus we have speculated on this situation over the past months in great detail. I also speak in Peace and with great fondness to several well known Puppeteers from this arena. We must be patient.

            Love Anne Terri

          3. Hey Anne, I agree, and that’s why I’m not gonna focus on the D word anymore and keep as much patience also as well. That stated, I do have all the respect in the world for every other Muppeteer in this arena. As best put in Guys & Dolls, I too will sit down before I rock the boat, hahaha. No but seriously, I hear ya loud and clear, time goes on and maybe in a few months an outta the blue miracle might pop up which is why life is great most of the time for anyone in particular. Oh by the way, I made a typo in one of the emails I accidentally wrote: “I really hope Angelique & I get to meet each other someday”, when I really meant to write: “I really hope Angelique & I get to meet you someday”. I’ve known Angelique Aquina for quite a while now hahahaha we both go to Wilson and are on Link Crew together. Sorry about that little error, but ya I hope you know that I’m not in any circumstances putting any pressure on anyone in this whole situation or giving “the finger” to anyone cause that’s not in me or me. But it’s really great that I formed a “pen pal” for the first time ever, check that off my huge bucketlist! :):) Anyway, I’ll let you get back to whatever you might be attending to and I’ll talk to ya later. Have a great day!
            – D

  29. Hi Steve, I know this is very belated, and I’m not sure if you’ll see this, but as I promised, I drew you a little gift (that I finished at 3 am yesterday morning, no less).


    I really hope you had a great birthday. Once again, thank you for everything you’ve brought to the Muppets.

    -Rocky D.

    1. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Rocky D♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

      Your talents are wonderful. I think if we show our appreciation for the card you drew for Steve, he will see more positive interaction on his site. This is what brings happiness.

      Love Anne Terri

      1. Anne,

        Thank you for such kind words! It means a lot to me to know that my art is bringing joy to others.
        I absolutely agree with your sentiment! In times like these, we need to show each other love.

        Rocky D.

  30. Hi Steve,
    Quick comment…
    Years ago I read that:
    1- a person’s voice cannot be copyrighted.
    2- You can’t copyright a smell.

    So legally you can continue to do your established voices, but in new characters if you so wish.

    And if you ever feel like creating ‘Whitmire’ the perfume, just copy any existing smell on the market. : -)

    Gabe Velez 🙂

  31. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Everyone♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Good day to all of you, no matter which part of the world you live in. As Marni would say, ‘we are Steve’s Angels’. Continue in this way of thinking. When Steve returns we shall celebrate.

    I’ve had several series of dreams over the past few days, and one I will share with you. I found myself in the driver’s seat of a vehicle and felt I had driven Steve to the studio, because I sat in the parking lot, watching him run towards the building about 20 yards in front of me. He was running because he was late for a rehearsal. I saw on his right hand, which he had by his side, pointing downward as he ran, a puppet who looked like Wembley. What’s interesting though, is I heard music coming from the building for they were in rehearsal. They were singing Bada Bada. Why he needed Wembley I don’t know.

    Anne Terri

      1. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Hi Marnie♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I had a great time reading your latest article of ideas, and especially love the first one, and please know I left off the the last part in ‘Stevie’s Angels’, because one of the trolls was calling him Stevie. Not important, he knows who we are. If you choose another name, I will adopt it.

        BTW, the music segment on your post made me want to dance, and would you listen to those voices. Not all are still here, but Steve can definitely sing and don’t you enjoy when we are able see behind the scenes as they dance along with their arms up bringing life to their extended characters?

      2. Hey Marni, if you ever want to officially start a group called “Stevie’s Angels,” tell me where to sign up!

        1. It’s certainly an idea. I really don’t think we need anything ‘official’. The majority of us gather on this site anyway. Although I must admit the thought of being more interconnected online is a tantalising one. Could benefit us in the long run.

          1. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Marni, Mary Arlene, Erin T Aardvark, Julia Kamm and those yet to comment♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

            I am one who generally avoids the fan sites, as so many of the actors and puppeteers I know seem to be very selective, and some even have appointed minions to keep watch.

            You know I am also comfortable here, and sometimes read blogs from those within this group. You could say here, we know whom to Trust.

            With this said, I agree that an unofficial- but strong- behind the scenes central core group with room for expansion, working under Steve’s guidance and the sub-title of Stevie’s Angels, would would be a great way to support Steve in all his chosen endeavors.

            Love Anne Terri

          2. I concur. Obviously Steve is the one we’re supporting, but I think we also need someone to be in charge of this little troop of ours, a fan to speak for the fans, per say. The person needs to be completely dedicated to his/her role, obviously highly knowledgeable of Steve’s career and someone who the others will feel comfortable approaching.

            I have a couple of suggestions for the role, including myself, but I’d like to hear options from others.

          3. There is no need for anyone to be in charge, this is Steve’s blog and he alone should be in charge. As soon as Fans start speaking on behalf of Steve on his own blog is when I leave.

      3. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Marni♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Sounds great. I will not say now because I would like Steve to have first pick. LOL

        Much Love
        Anne Terri

        1. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Nicholas Napoli ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ it seems as our comments crossed. Consider my comment which is number 4, another way of saying that which you have stated but in a less direct manner, for I do not intend to leave. I said, Steve must have first pick or choice, if you feel this is a better word, meaning he may not even think it’s necessary to have such a group. To have anyone in control beside Steve leaves me a bit concerned. I do not considered this fan site but a support site for Steve which I would like to keep Peaceful, which is why someone who was worried sent me here to provide just that..

          Love Anne Terri

  32. To Anne and everyone else,
    Hello again. First of all sorry I haven’t been active on this blog in a bit I’ve been really busy much like Steve who btw I’m still hoping will get his job back at some point every day. Second of all, Anne your right this blog should be of great comfort to everyone so let’s point that out. Third of all, this whole recast & finding the right group of Muppet performers situation has had me thinking over the last few weeks how this not only applies for The Muppets but for everything else mostly involving television/film duties or activities. And this goes far beyond just actors, it’s the sequels of projects made by the directors themselves so they need a great group of people offset as well, for example I’ve reeeeally been watching a lot of The Brady Bunch recently, now why would a 16 year old dude my age be watching MeTV or The Brady Bunch for that matter? I’m into a lot of old shows but still into new programming first off but second off I’ve been watching it and comparing that to The Brady Bunch sequels and films. I look at them and their not the same. The films I didn’t like because not only were the actors meateoker but they weren’t the original Brady kids’ personalities made by Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, Chris Knight, Susan Olsen, & Mike Lookinland. They were as Steve would put it stale imitations of their former self and that being they based it on all the wrong things instead on some “culture crash” that may or may not have existed in the 1990s.
    What does this have to do with The Muppets?
    Nothing but it did remind me of something Steve talk about on his blog about having the right group of guys for The Muppets. For a beloved group such as that, I watch the way Ryan, Joe, FrogFan76, etc. put it that The Muppets integrieties need to be set the right way not just for performers but for the directing style as well. The new group of guys need to be as consistent as the original directors are and I love Debbie don’t get me wrong but those guys need to dig deep into the essence for the original Muppet Show and films so yes try something new but also don’t go around changing the franchise for anybody else’s sake stick to your guts and that right there is what Steve was doing for Jim Henson, Frank, Jerry, etc. he was apart of that original six and stood up for that group as well and Jims legacy so when someone is the new CEO accompany one must really dig deep into its essence and not just do it for the money. That’s what Jim would’ve wanted and what Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, & Richard Hunt would want too. Find a moderation and still try something new. If they can send a man to the moon, then the D word can indeed find what I’m talking about for The Muppets and give Steve his job back to help set that. There’s an appropriate time for things and then there’s an inappropriate time for things these tv companies need to learn this! let’s make Show business a glorious thing again 👍🏻 a monkey could do it as my dad would put it.

    All the best,

    1. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Hello Dylan♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Just saw this, and it’s very late here. I will make a good reply to you tomorrow. Good to hear from you.

      Love Anne Terri

        1. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥To Dylan Part II♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ What is needed may go beyond what corporate is willing to do, feels, or understands.

          You have good points. I am thoroughly into old shows, and have been since I was even younger than you are now. I knew ever name, performance, and trivia about many stars who have moved on to other dimensions. When if was 5 years old, I watched many films and shows which were beyond my years. Later, The Brady Bunch was a favorite one on my list of many as well as old films.

          We watched a film last night, and oldie on the Netflix list, from 1976 called NETWORK. https://youtu.be/qnGgsJ26dao It may not be to your liking, but it shows how things were and still are in Show-business and the world. What’s sad is nothing has changed.

          The basis of the story is how Corporate works with their performers, and often they are treated like property rather than humans, and it matters not how long one has been on the show. This film focuses on the plight of a newscaster who is causing a drop in the ratings and is forced to retire, but has a surprise in store for those who would have him leave. The audience loves it, and then corporate turns this in to a circus and takes advantage. .

          As for Steve, he’s nothing like this newscaster, thank God, but there needs to be a union of minds -oneness so to speak- between those who hold the strings and the performers. It’s alarming what has happened, and it leaves us with the knowledge that we are not in Kansas anymore. Yes, The Wizard of Oz is also on my list. We need a Wizard to fix this one.

          We continue to wait to see if Steve can reach the hearts of those in charge, and what he has decided to do.

          Anne Terri

          1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️Anne❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

            Your absolutely right. TV isn’t what it used to be and what Steve does is his choice. I’m not really a huge Netflix man but I do find the shows particularly interesting. I just love how they parodied that on the Hollywood Bowl with veterinarians hospital with Danny trejo 😅😅. But yes, I must concurre with you on this. Television and film is very interesting but there’s nothing we can do to change the system from what it is today to go way back to the original Muppet Show days and honestly I don’t think either steve Jim or any of the performers would want that either. However the changes made into today’s television universe can only be made realistically and deep down to fundamentals and really dig deep into the creative essence, The Muppets do that but I think Jim would think right about now and within the past few years…. that there should be more of an inovation which jumped from The Muppet Show to the films, the process is very complicated to comprehend but Frank Oz, Dave Goelz, & Steve know the basics. The Muppets’ integrity is very important and the outspoken character issues were have meant to set Disney straight and get The Muppets back on track and get to still a new level but add some oldie but goodie flare too it as well and find it in moderation for programming. The Muppets are probably the only group who will never grow out of entertainment and Steve was only trying to keep it that way since the company came in 2004. The more consistent the better the feel of the group regardless of television and that HAS to come first before any of the basics of television consistent efforts. they have to dig deep and deep and deep until reaching a mutual satisfaction. This might sound a little confusing so I could explain it more in another email however right now I gotta get back to my rock and roll class. Have a great one until then.
            – D 🙂

          2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️Anne❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

            Your absolutely right. TV isn’t what it used to be and what Steve does is his choice. I’m not really a huge Netflix man but I do find the shows particularly interesting. I just love how they parodied that on the Hollywood Bowl with veterinarians hospital with Danny trejo 😅😅. But yes, I must concurre with you on this. Television and film is very interesting but there’s nothing we can do to change the system from what it is today to go way back to the original Muppet Show days and honestly I don’t think either steve Jim or any of the performers would want that either. However the changes made into today’s television universe can only be made realistically and deep down to fundamentals and really dig deep into the creative essence, The Muppets do that but I think Jim would think right about now and within the past few years…. that there should be more of an inovation which jumped from The Muppet Show to the films, the process is very complicated to comprehend but Frank Oz, Dave Goelz, & Steve know the basics. The Muppets’ integrity is very important and the outspoken character issues were have meant to set Disney straight and get The Muppets back on track and get to still a new level but add some oldie but goodie flare too it as well and find it in moderation for programming. The Muppets are probably the only group who will never grow out of entertainment and Steve was only trying to keep it that way since the company came in 2004. The more consistent the better the feel of the group regardless of television and that HAS to come first before any of the basics of television consistent efforts. they have to dig deep and deep and deep until reaching a mutual satisfaction. This might sound a little confusing so I could explain it more in another email however right now I gotta get back to my rock and roll class. Have a great one until then.
            – D 🙂

          3. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Dylan ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I was speaking of changing the world, not only the media. Tomorrow is another day, and once again I must bow to my age of needing to sleep for I ‘m in Belgium on another timezone and may be the oldest here on Muppet Pundit, with you the youngest here and across the ocean?.

            Rock and Roll? An era which I enjoyed and still enjoy immensely. BTW I’m from the Grease era, and also love Buddy Holly. Have a thing for Queen, but he stands alone as do those such as Steve Whitmire.

            Love Anne Terri

  33. SO Sorry I missed your Birthday. I was too distracted with Freshmen year. Since I missed the chance to talk about it, What did you do for your B-day? Anything special? Just wanted to know

  34. To Anne,
    Am I really the youngest? Hahahaha it’s okay if I am. And ya I do find rock n roll very good hopefully we’ll get to the 70s and 80s very soon. Are you from Belgium or another forgeign country?


    1. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Dylan♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I do believe you are the youngest. Age 16 right? As for answering personal questions on Steve’s blog, I do not. This is not a chat room even though we some times forget this. I try to keep this all Muppet related.

      Love Anne Terri

      1. Correct! Hahaha

        Ya I am 16. And ya I’d see that, sorry about that. Gotta keep it Muppetational!

        – D

          1. It’s time to set your keyboard,
            and comment with full might.
            And gain some Muppet knowledge,
            On Steve’s Muppet Blog tonight!


            It’s time to round the Trolls up,
            shut them up nice and tight!
            We’re just here to have some fun,
            On Steve’s Muppet Blog tonight!

            Why do we always come here?
            Not hard to figure out…
            To gain some Muppet know how-
            On what they’re all about!

            *Epic drum solo breakdown*

            It’s time to get things started..
            (When Steve comes-we’ll get started…)
            It’s time to get things started…
            On the most sensational,
            Kinda frustrational,
            Why did it happen-ational?


            *Tries and fails to finish the parody on a high note with a trumpet*

  35. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Marni♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Laughing with great glee, and imagining us all singing this holding puppets, but not unless Steve gives us a long class, of course.

    Love it,
    Anne Terri

  36. You know what I just realized,
    Even if Steve doesn’t get the Kermit gig back he’s only been canned by The Muppets Studio as far as I’m concerned Sesame didn’t have any issues with him as Ernie, so as long as he could work something out with the workshop Im sure he could still be with THAT part of his Muppet career. That’s just my input so I wouldn’t know forsure but that may be a possibility. What do you guys think?

  37. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Dylan♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    It’s not what we think but what Steve thinks and wants. I have a feeling Steve will have much to share. It’s not easy knowing which corporation owns what, even characters.|Sometimes affiliations can be tangled.

    Love Anne Terri

    1. Gotcha but each owns the following:
      You know who- The Muppets & Bear In The Big Blue House

      The Henson Company- The Storyteller, Fraggle Rock, etc.

      Sesame Workshop- all Sesame Street characters including Bert & Ernie

  38. Yo yo & hi ho,

    Gonna have to take a brief few day hiatus from the blog for a bit due to my PSAT & homecoming spirit activities. I’ll be back id say no later than sometime this weekend.

    You know what my hopes are for Steves blog and the result you know who will do after getting great effect.

    See you guys round the flip side from the electric mayhem bus.

    All the best
    – D

  39. Steve, I hope you don’t mind, I kinda created a Discord server where us Pundit people can converge and chat freely without cluttering up the comment sections of your posts. This is obviously where our main discussions will happen, but on Discord, things can be organised and you can avoid having to read all of the random stuff while finding things you may want to discuss in the future.

    The link to the chat room is here:

    Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. Steve, if you’re ever bored, you’ll know where to find us (LOL)!

    1. I am having massive problems with that. Yesterday, when I created my account, I could see the chatroom and everything was fine. Today, when I wanted to log back in, Discord sent me a message, saying
      “Hey Rachel,
      It looks like someone tried to log into your Discord account from a new location. If this is you, follow the link below to authorize logging in from this location on your account. If this isn’t you, we suggest changing your password as soon as possible.”

      The thing is, it is NOT a new location, I am sitting at the very same computer, using the same browser, nothing changed at all.
      So I followed the link and then logged back in, this worked, but then there was nothing there, no Muppets chatroom or anything. They asked me if I wanted to create ” a new server” (which confused me beacuse I am sure it is not a server we can create)…. then I clicked on your link again, and unlike yesterday, when it led me to the Muppets chat, I only get a tilting head, saying “I am using tilt controls”, and nothing further happens. 🙁

  40. Helloooooooooooooo again,
    I’m back and have returned Muppets zone. My last ever PSAT is done!!! 😁 And my spirit activities have reached the final groove as of after tomorrow night. Now it’s the real deal the SATs. Anyway, been watching all of the halloween Muppet Show filled episodes with Twiggy, Vincent Price, & Alice Cooper….which I know was Steves very ever first episode with The Muppet Show and continued the legacy in his Muppet career. Now Im back and Steve I’m ready to hear more and hope for you know what. And Anne, can’t wait to pen pal more with ya. By the way I’m curious as to if Matt watched the Twiggy episode of TMS yet due to that being Deadlys true debut with the muppets and what he made better from Jerry Nelson. Will never forget the original core group Jim, Frank, Jerry, Richard, & Steve it’s up to Dave Goelz now to carry that great legacy forward and really make sure The Muppets stay themselves. See you later,

    1. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Dylan♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Happy your PSAT is complete. It’s Friday the 13th, but I’m not superstitious, yet I love Halloween. The Muppet Show made very good Halloween Specials.

      We wait patiently for Steve’s responses to our thoughts and questions, and he has many to address. He chooses what’s the most important and often brings surprises along too.

      Love Anne Terri

  41. Oh by the way if you guys wanna see the Halloween episodes check them out on the following home releases:

    Monster Laughs With Vincent Price (includes a voiceover of Whitmire’s Kermit in between but they cut some of episode fragments out 😑)

    The Best Of The Muppet Show videos (Time Life, full complete editions same volume both episodes)

    The Muppet Show Season One dvd by Disney (Vincent Price & Twiggy only, Prices number at the end is cut out)

    The Muppet Show season 3 DVD (Alice Cooper, full episode)

    Some other great Halloween guests include Zero Mostel, Alan Arkin, Jonathan Winters, & I guess Marty Feldman counts too.

    There are no video releases for Alan or Jonathan. You will have to watch them online or at the Henson exhibit

    – D

    still with hopes that the other D will give S a future contract again 😁

  42. Hahaha thanks Anne,

    That’s actually from an old video game featuring The Muppets. That’s the only peice of Muppet equipment I don’t have unfortunetly.

  43. Steve,I wanted to ask you something. What is the first episode of the Muppet show you puppeteer/worked on? Also can you share your experience your experience on the first day of your Debut

  44. Hi Steve!

    Just thought I’d bring you some reading material while your off doing…well…whatever it is you’ve been up to lately. With all of the Kermit controversy, Rizzo was kinda shunted off to the side and unfairly so. I wrote this to even the balance of attention just that little bit. I must admit that it comes off as a little preachy at the end, but I’m sure you’ll appreciate the sentiment if you so choose to read it.


    Hope everything’s going well on your end of the world. Can’t wait to hear some more Muppet musings from you in the near future.


  45. Oooooooooooooooops!!

    Been in 2 new plays back to back in London and missed all the above!!

    So…………. this is not a belated *HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE* wish but a very, very early one for next year 😉 xx

  46. Hello All,

    Like Anne Terri (hi!), just dropping in – I wanted to share a very small “discovery” I unexpectedly found that made me laugh… (Who doesn’t love Steve & Dave stuff?)

    Ever since the bad news, I have been rewatching Muppet things in my free time – and while it has mostly been the movies, series, and specials, I have just recently been searching through interviews with the Muppets themselves. The Muppets as live, interviewable entities are a joy. And I feel compelled to note that it would also be a specific loss should Disney turn to multi-casting – and not just for the fans, given that Disney has the Muppets do their own promotional tours (did they not understand that this is an ability they have because of the performers???).

    Disney even had the Muppets drive up to their red carpets. While this is a neat touch and appears to have gone very well at later events, the arrival at The Muppets 2011 film premiere seemed a little rough. There was rainy weather, a slow procession, a not-as-polished curtain hide-the-performer-approach, and the performers couldn’t see or hear the crowd or photographers very well. So, a small, bizarre exchange between Kermit and Gonzo (even one that encompasses a quick laugh that’s Steve’s rather than Kermit’s and a little bit of odd behavior from Gonzo afterward) is very easily overlooked – I haven’t seen anyone comment on it.

    However, watching that footage after having seen the Muppets’ 2015 SD Comic-Con panel discussion… For those that haven’t seen it, at the Comic-Con panel a young kid gifted Dave with one of those little bottles of Tabasco. Dave and Steve explained that it was an inside joke (I think they also mentioned this at MuppetFest in 2001); Steve had been surprising Dave with Tabasco bottles for years and years, hidden in the studio, Dave’s hoodie, shoes, rental cars, etc. Having only learned that Tabasco background in 2015, I just now stumbled on this clip of the 2011 red (or green, as it were) carpet arrival – I hope it makes you laugh as hard as I did:


    (Also – that’s actually pretty quick thinking on Dave’s part for a way to perform an extraction without dropping Gonzo out of sight!)

    Hope everyone is doing well,

    1. “I’ve got a chili pepper in my head. I can’t believe you did that. My eyes won’t even work now!” LOLOLOLOL!

    2. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥RAD♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ This is one spicy post, and one to be remembered. I love the improv while stuck in the traffic jam. Remembering the performers are stuck under the seats and can’t see what’s going on, makes for great laughs and their puppets turning from left to right trying to see for them. Miss Piggy on her own, how sad she had no one to banter with. Please Disney, don’t lose this style, or you’ve taken away all the fun.

    3. Thanks for posting this, this was fun to watch, and good that you explained the tabasco joke, otherwise I wouldn’t have understood what they are on about.

      1. For folks like myself who missed it before — here’s the full 2015 Muppet Show panel at SDCC (tabasco bottle is at 32:37).

        Even though I did not care much for 2015 series, I LOVE the panel — just watch Bill, Dave, Steve and Eric running off each other and having fun, way better than the scripted episodes! There is magic in the harmony there…

        1. 36:58 on this video. That’s a good question where is Seymour and a lot of the other Muppets Tonight characters

        2. I’m so glad y’all enjoyed – I love that someone caught a Muppet prank live without anyone really noticing!

          And, yes – that SDCC panel discussion is tons of fun with Bill, Dave, Steve, and Eric cracking up the audience and each other – thanks for posting!

          So many hilarious quotes: “Online dating – that’s where you stand in a line at the supermarket and pick people up.” “It’s an old gag.” “C’mon, Eric!” “More pixels.” “Does anyone here speak Crustacean?” “Oh, he’s in a box over here.” “I probably shouldn’t say this, but Kermit’s half in the bag right now.” “Who am I not dating!?” “I’ve got one right inside my body!” “And I have an exoskeleton in my closet.” “Are they serving seafood at craft services?” “I’m only on one hand.” “Thank you, Starstruck.” “I love your coffee!” “I thought I’d never get across the tracks.” “I haven’t thought of it yet.” “Is she gonna sing?” “We could make you domestic if you join us.” “Well, it’s a good thing he’s not here.” “You don’t have high enough clearance, Rowlf.” “First of all, you have to deck her.” “All right, everybody – you just push through these people!”

          I don’t know how they made the series they did when they had this talent to pull from…

          And Xavier’s question about where some of the Muppets Tonight characters have gone reminded me of Mr. Poodlepants (another one of Steve’s random talents – an Ed Wynn impression 😋)

          1. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥RAD and EVERYONE♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ This is the type of discussion we live for, and what I hoped Muppet Pundit would be. Ca’t wait for Steve to give his input, and I have a feeling we will be speechless for a bit to be able to digest all of it.

            Love Anne Terri

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